Friday, 23 September 2016

Let the fun begin.......

The annual "In the Pink" retreat started this afternoon, so I look forward to another fun weekend. The little pink purses have been filled with their "money" to bid on the items for the auctions.

The pink fluffies have come out of their tin, and found hiding places all over the house. These "creatures" were given to me a couple of years ago, and after trying to work out what I was going to do with them, they have turned out to be a lot of fun.

These are the goodies that have been donated for the auctions. The money raised from this is donated to the Breast Cancer Network, and the bidding is lots of fun, when someone thinks they have won and then a sneaky bid comes in at the last moment!! 

The pink decorations have been put up, and the goody bags filled up. 

 It did not take long for everyone to get busy with their own projects. There are lots of hand stitchers this weekend. The house is full, and there are 3 day trippers who go home to sleep.

Now they have all retired to a comfy spot by the wood fire, with a bit of hand stitching and lots of chatter.

It won't be long before we are all tucked up in bed, and tomorrow I look forward to lots more laughter, chatter, and maybe a bit of sewing.

Hope you enjoy whatever you are doing this weekend, and will catch you again in a few days with a final report.

Blessings, From Jude

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Home again

I am home again after my few days in the city. After the children were delivered to their schools on Friday, I was able to make my way home. It took me all day, as I went to the plant shop, had coffee with a friend, had lunch with another friend, visited my mum and dad, stopped for a coffee, and went to another shop, all on the way home. Then I met up with another couple of friends, who then stopped off at my house on their way home for a tea of fish and chips. So it was well and truly dark by the time I was unloading all my "stuff" from the car. As well as my clothes, I had my purchases of plants, bags of compost and fertiliser, and lots of stuff for the pink auctions for next weekends "In the Pink" retreat. 

I did take a few photos during the week, but I "borrowed" most of the following from facebook, so thanks to whoever took these. The first is DD1 and family, where I spent my week.

The children gave me a thankyou pressie and card, and here it is being read to me.

DD2 and hubby had a night out last night, and posted this photo on facebook, and I thought it was worthy of posting on the blog.

And this was also posted on facebook yesterday, of Miss Bridie and Rusty having a bit of a chat! Rusty seems a bit serious, but Miss Bridie seems to think something is rather funny. (And I know it is a bit strange that a black dog is named Rusty!!?)

Yesterday I spent a lot of time out in the garden, trying to get some plants in, and pulling some weeds. I still have a bit to do yet, but things are coming along. Winter has been so wet and cold, that not a lot of time has been spent outside.

Today I need to get the pink auction stuff organised and set it  up "somewhere". And find the little pink purses with the "money" in, and put up a few pink decorations. I have a menu planned for next weekend, so a bit of time in the kitchen will be in order as well. The beds are made, but a bit of dusting, and floor cleaning would be a good idea too.

Tomorrow, it will be back to quilting, and to tell Max his "holiday" is over.

Time for a shower, and action in the house. Bye for now.

Blessings, From Jude

Thursday, 15 September 2016

What a difference a day makes!

The weather here has eased and as you can see there is even a glimpse of blue sky. The first 2 photos are taken in the same place as yesterdays.  And the bottom one is the tree still full of blossom at the end of the street. This one is just a bit later blooming than all the other trees in the street. It must have been a pretty site when they were all in flower.

I am not sure how much rain there has been, but some places further up in the hills have had flooding. It has been a few days of constant rain, added to already wet countryside.

Tomorrow is my last day here, and then back down the highway again. I have managed some computer work, in amongst some cooking etc to help out here. I hope to visit the plant shop before I go home too, as well as a fabric shop. Just as well I don't live this close to the big shops, but nice to take advantage of purchasing some things that you don't get in a little country town.
Be back again later,

Blessings, From Jude

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Where did the spring go?.....

This week the wintry weather has returned in full force, with a drop in temperatures, lots of rain and wind. Last week's spring was just a tease. This is the view from the window where I am sitting at the computer, working on new Mystery Quilts. There is a meal cooking in the oven, and the dishwasher is going. The children are at school, I have been to the shops, and the rest of the day is mine! But, as it is after 12 now, and the school pickup is 3pm, maybe there is not much day left!?

And this is the view from the front door. There are some lovely blossoming trees up the other direction of the road, but today they look rather bedraggled, and I was not walking up to get a photo in the rain. Maybe the rain will be stopped tomorrow?? It is very windy, but that does not show up in the photos.

It must be time again for more quilt photos, so will post some before I get back to work.

First up is a quilt I did for a group who is going to raffle this quilt. It is a Jinny Beyer design and sorry I forgot the name of the quilt, and I am not home to look it up.

This was made by Barb, using William Morris fabrics, and was quilted with an allover pattern.

In colours of the ocean, this quilt that was made by Colleen was quilted allover with a pattern called Curling Waves.

This is called Mountain Haze and was made by Sherrel in one of the Pick a Case Mystery Retreats, and was quilted with an allover pattern.

This was made by Kerryn, using a jelly roll, and was quilted allover with a leaf pattern.

This was made by Sam's sister, and quilted allover with a pattern called Seaglass.

Pink Scrappy Trips was made by Pauline, and quilted allover with a Daisy pattern.

I hope you are having a good week, whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A birthday, a meeting and a visitor

In my last post, (and I know it is over a week ago!), I mentioned that our local patchwork group was celebrating 20 years this year. So it was a good reason to have a celebration, and we had a pizza tea prior to our recent general meeting. Our secretary made us a lovely cake, which tasted as delicious as it looks.

 We ordered large pizzas from our local takeaway and here you can see they are being delivered.

It was a very casual occasion and members sat around chatting while they ate pizza and salad.

After our pizza tea, we sat at the front of the hall for our general meeting.

Following the meeting we lit the candles, sang to ourselves and shared the cake. The photo below shows 4 of our members who were there in the first year and are still members. The candles are being lit by our first workshop teacher, Jan Miles, from Naracoorte, who is now also a member of our group.

The rest of that week went by in a blur, while I was trying to finish a few quilts, and get organised for some more time away. We had our monthly Angels day at my house on the Thursday, at which we had a good rollup of members. I forgot to take photos, but lots was achieved.

Last Saturday I had a baking day in the kitchen, preparing food to take for family this week.

That afternoon, there was a knock on my door, and I had a brief, surprise visit from DS and family. I did take one photo, of Miss Bridie, who is into clapping hands at the moment, before they were out the door.

On Sunday I packed the car again, for a few more days away. I also packed lots of quilts belonging to local members, which were delivered to a lady in Adelaide, for the QGSA quilt exhibition which is on in a few weeks.

Now I am spending the week at the home of DD1 and family. I am the "grandma taxi" this week, and taking the 3 children to school and other activities. In between school drop offs and pick ups, and preparing some meals, I am able to catch up on laptop time, designing quilts and writing instructions for the next round of Mystery's. This morning I went to the shops and found a few pink items to auction at the Pink Retreat, which is coming up very soon.

I will try to blog again soon, with more photos of recent quilts. Always seem to be playing catch up!

Have a good week,

From Jude

Monday, 5 September 2016

The birds are singing....

I have been up since 5.30am and sitting at the kitchen table doing my Bible study. I love the early mornings, and this morning it has been more special to listen to the birds singing loudly. Another sign that spring is in the air. Sorry I have no photo, as it's still dark outside. Maybe I should try to video the sound on my phone??
It is our group's patchwork day today, and I usually attend about 11am for a coffee and a catchup. It is a long time since I have taken the day out and stayed to sew. Must do that one day soon. Tonight we have a general meeting, preceeded by a pizza tea for our members. It is 20 years since our group commenced, so the committee decided to have a little party to celebrate. Must remember to take the camera.
The photo below shows you what is on the agenda for this week. I hang them up behind the machine so that they can "talk" to me about how they are to be quilted. These are all to be custom quilted.
 That grey one on the machine is mostly finished, just have a couple of "touchups" to do first thing this morning, before it is picked up by the owner today. I am anxious to get it off, and see it "from a distance".

After church yesterday morning, I spent the day doing admin stuff, and made some changes to the scheduled retreats page of my blog. The pink retreat this month is booked out, and I am now working on filling the Pick a Case Mystery in October. Would love to hear from anyone interested in a fun weekend, where the cutting is all done ready for you to sew!
I have added a few dates for 2017, and already have names for some! Thankyou to those who come back again and again. It is always a special time of fellowship with other quilters.

Time to get to the shower and start my day.

Blessings, From Jude

Friday, 2 September 2016

September is here, and Spring has arrived

It has been a long cold, wet winter this year, and when I have been home, I have been closeted inside in the warm, keeping busy with quilting, and cutting mystery quilts.  A couple of sunny days this week tempted me out in the garden, and I found that spring has arrived with all it's glory of plants in flower. (And those pesky weeds also!) I might need to find some time to pull those weeds this weekend.

Last weekend the wedding quilt was picked up by DD3, and I have received this photo of it on their bed. It looks very much at home I think, and they are very happy with it.

And while we are into the grey, here is what I am working on this week. I have been drawing ideas on paper for weeks now, and keep changing my ideas. I started on Wednesday, and thought I had a plan, but yesterday this changed again. As a mostly traditional quilter, I have to say I am a bit out of my "comfort zone" with this quilt. I have a vision of what I want to do, so hope it comes off! I am now at the stage where there is no going back, so hope to make some good progress today as it needs to be finished real soon. It looks like I am at the end, but there is lots not quilted where you can't see it.

As I am still in the dressing gown, and it is now 7am, it must be time to head for the shower and start my day with Max.

Blessings, From Jude